The Metropolis Project advances
urban technological innovations
that make cities more sustainable,
resilient, livable and equitable.

Instead of passively responding to technological advances, the Metropolis Project envisions a future where researchers and cities collaborate to actively develop, use, and integrate innovations and technologies to chart intelligent pathways towards a set of desired outcomes.

Some of the most pressing outcomes to achieve include making urban systems more resilient in the face of natural and human-made disasters and shocks, more sustainable in using resources, more socio-economically equitable, and simply more pleasant, secure, and accessible places to live in.

Anchored in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Metropolis Project connects and supports researchers across many departments and fields that include engineering, natural and social sciences, humanities, architecture, and policy. We strive to catalyze and support interdisciplinary research where the many world-class programs of Princeton and its vibrant urban science community converge to reimagine a better future metropolis.

Call for research proposals on future cities and technology

Call for proposals for the Julis Romo Rabinowitz Graduate Fellowship