Metropolis: Small Seed Grant and Graduate Fellowship Opportunity

The Metropolis Community worked on collaborative research last year. This has resulted in some joint workshops, a wonderful seminar series, new collaborative fieldwork in Chennai, India, as well as two proposal submissions to NSF engaging 5-8 Princeton PIs. We hope these proposals are successful!

Meanwhile we have two types of funding available for the next year:
1) SMALL GRANTS FOCUSED ON SMART CITY ($10 to $20k):  Open to all faculty, these finds can support small workshops, exploratory fieldwork, etc. Proposals should be no more than 1 page highlighting your project and how it can stimulate new work on Smart City Technologies and Applications.
2) GRADUATE PhD FELLOWSHIP (one Semester only): Support is available for PhD students in any discipline of Engineering, Architecture and Natural Sciences, who have passed their general exams (Year 3), or have an exceptional academic record going into their second year. The student’s proposed PhD research must be related to Metropolis topics and advised by an Assistant Professor at Princeton. Students should submit a one page proposal highlighting intellectual merit and broader impact along with a recommendation letter from the advisor.
Both proposals are due by June 15. Decisions will be made by August 31, 2024.
Please send your proposals to –